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Talk To Your Data Today

Sift Social

The world's first AI social media analyst



Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn Growth

Sift Social is an AI social media analyst that can help you identify the best content to post, the best influencers to work with and the best UGC to boost.

Social Media Data Collector

Sift Social is an AI agent powered with the most robust social media data collection workflow on the market

Hashtag Collector

Comment Analysis

Influencer Identification + Outreach

AI Data Analyst

Using an advanced LLM technology, Sift Social is able to turn TikTok trends into strategic insights

Talk Directly To Your Data In Plain English

Automate Data Analytic Workflows

Assess Influencer Impact


"A powerful way to quickly and easily find the right creators!"


Ryan Davis

COO, PeopleFirst



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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get asked.

Yes! We're in our beta so we are offering Siftie for free! Please reach out to and we'll hook you up with some tokens.

Our data collectors can collect all types of social media data including Instagram hashtags, LinkedIn Comments and even TikTok Profile Followers. If there's something you want us to collect, please reach out and we will add it to our product roadmap.

Absolutely. All data collected on SiftSocial is protected and secured. Sift Social is an SOC2 compliant software.

Sift Social uses complex AI technology to access public information on a creators information. If a social media user has their email or phone number publicly available in their bio for example, we can collect it.

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